My name is Jerneja (but you probably can't pronounce that). I'm 20 and I come from Slovenia (that's a tiny European country next to Italy and below Austria). That is the reason why even after learning English for more than 10 years I don't know where to put commas in a language other than Slovene. Bear with me.

I'm currently studying journalism at University of Ljubljana.

I am passionate about countless things which is why I have about 10 dream jobs.
I am most excited about musicmaking food, making movies, and writing (not necessarily in that order). I also love crafting and cats.



I started this blog in January 2014 (As a New Year's resolution? Probably not.)
At first it was just a way for me to unwind after a long day of school but this website of mine has grown so much in ways I never would've imagined and now this is one of my favorite hobbies.
On SK you will find personal thoughts on my odd life, inspirational musings, and hopefully as many food-loving outbursts as possible.

Join me!

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*Disclaimer: At the beginning I was blogging on a different platform and after switching, I didn't feel like the posts I wrote there really fit the new SK. I also cleanse my blog from time to time to remove the thoughts I might not agree with anymore.